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Breeding Advice

First and foremost is the individual breeding goal. When you agree on this, you come to the selection of the characteristics that you would like to improve. This can be fiber values such as density, fineness or growth in length, or physical characteristics such as size, straight legs, teeth and much more.   Color is also important for many people. 

Unfortunately not everything works at once.  



Here the previously selected animals are brought together in a targeted manner in compliance with all hygiene rules. Both animals must be healthy. If we don't have a health check, Janina will examine the animals before mating according to a previously agreed procedure. On request, we can also do ultrasound examinations.  



Of course, it is possible to put your pet temporarily into a pension with us.  Who covers the animals with us. up to 30 days at no additional cost. Should your weaning have to grow up in a group of the same age, or other reasons. No problem. You will be well cared for by us.

We work well and enjoy working with the following breeders. Feel free to stop by and see them too!
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