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Alpaca Hikes

Of course we also offer alpaca walks. At our location in Potsdam, we are happy to take you on an individual alpaca
on an individual alpaca hike. In the middle of Potsdam's palace landscape, through beautiful parkland, right by the water, we have plenty of opportunities to take you on a unique experience. 

General conditions

  • 25€ per person who wants to lead an alpaca

  • 10€ per person who only wants to come along as an accompanying person

  • 12-14 alpacas are currently in use

  • Duration approx. 90 min

  • In case of bad weather, postponements are no problem

  • Children from the age of 5 can already lead an animal

  • Peaceful dogs may accompany us

  • Vouchers: can be downloaded from our website and an appointment can be made via the online booking system

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