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Sven Teckel Hell decided to give his beautiful alpaca farm in Potsdam a name that resulted from the combination of his surname and his main job at the Berlin marzipan manufacturer Lemke. The dark chocolate reflects his love of breeding predominantly dark alpaca colors. This is how Hell's Chocolate Heaven Alpacas - HCH Alpacas Potsdam for short - was born.

More than 20 years have now passed since he started breeding alpacas. During this time he has learned a lot, made a few mistakes, made many new friends and, above all, got to know the big wide world of alpacas. The start was in Switzerland with Arnold Luginbühl. Sven did a beginner's course there and bought his first 3 mares from him a year later. He later traveled to England, Australia, Switzerland, New Zealand and Holland. He visited alpaca farms everywhere, exchanged ideas and always learned something new. Here and there he has supplemented the herd with selected breeding animals. This exchange is still extremely important for alpaca owners today.

Sven is now revolutionizing suri breeding with his colors. Although he basically breeds huacayas and suris, he has set up his own farm to devote more attention to suris: Surirevolution | Brandenburg. His breeding goal here is dark and exciting colors in healthy animals. He attaches great importance to different genetics and conformity. 

His herd has now grown to over 100 alpacas. He has animals from all over the world and in many different colors. They are kept in a wide variety of locations to ensure optimal breeding, as the pasture will not be ready until summer 2024. Due to import restrictions, he unfortunately still has many very good animals in Australia.

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